Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into reusable objects to prevent waste of potentially useful materials. Recycling has incredible benefits for our planet and for the life of living beings, from the large energy savings to the smart reuse of raw materials. The idea is to create a series of posters to show a symbolic benefit for the main categories, with the aim to sensitize more and more humans to respect the environment.
At the top of the poster there is the refusal in large quantities with a color gradient that communicates a change, at the bottom what we can achieve by recycling the waste. Each poster have a different color, based on the colors chosen by the European Union for the various materials: Turquoise - Metals / Yellow - Plastic / Blue - Paper / Green - Glass / Brown - Organic.

Before throwing the waste, you must ensure that the bin is the right one.
Check the full and specific list of the waste sorting available to every citizen.

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